Professional woman advising young woman

An advocate can ensure that your opinions and needs are heard, acknowledged and actioned. Advocacy seeks to remove the barriers confronting someone in mental distress. When you experience mental distress it can result in your views and voice not being heard; further, you may be denied the options and choices to which you are entitled. At MSAP we strive to support and enable people to:

  • Communicate their opinions and choices
  • Find out about what services they are entitled to
  • Make informed decisions

Our advocates do not make decisions for you. We support your right to make your own choices (subject to certain safeguards set out in our confidentiality policy). We are independent of doctors, social workers and anyone else involved in your care. Instructing an advocate is not the same as obtaining representation from a solicitor; where appropriate, we will sign post you to other services, but we will accompany you on that journey. Our advocates are professional and fully trained and many have experience of using mental health services. You are in control: our advocates will not do anything unless you instruct them to and we will maintain confidentiality unless the law requires us to breach it.